Finished this mask January 2021. (Includes a polypropylene layer!) Helped soothe my COVID anxiety and channel what I believe in.

To explore my movement-building projects, visit PERENNIAL.WORK.

To see my and Hampton’s yearly cards to our loved ones, check out our end-of-year card archive.

To see photos and reflections from our 20,000-mile all-electric trip across North America (Sep 2019-Feb 2020), visit road-t.rip.

For information about my childhood acting career, consult this acting résumé & clips page.

Under construction:

I’m slowly getting off of Facebook and its social properties, and don’t have a good place for these anymore. Here are some family photos. Here are my travelogues. Here are photos of alleyways, street art, and cities.

For creative projects from when I was in college, check out my Harvard creative archive. Here are scanned childhood memories and schoolwork from before college.